Tape Autoloaders

People often ask, "What is the difference between a Tape Library and a Tape Autoloader?"  Tape Libraries are constructed to house multiple Tape Drives.  While only one might be installed, it has the capability to add more as your needs grow.  Multiple drives allow for multitasking during your backup allowing for a more rapid completion of the task.  A Tape Autoloader can only have one Tape Drive.  Its advantages are low cost and low profile.To determine the capacity of your autoloader multiply the number of slots times the capacity of the tape format you are using.

MSRC has a large inventory of refurbished Tape Autoloaders for the major tape formats.  Look to the left and pick the tape format you are interested in.  MSRC can also repair your Tape Autoloader or offer you refurbished replacement drives in many cases.
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We just purchased 30 more of the incredibly popular AF204A LTO-3 1X8 Tape Autoloader.  Those who hesitated last month were very dissapointed!  Get yours while they last.

Here are a few of our specials:
Refurbished HP   LTO-1 1X8 Tape Autoloader           Refurbished HP   SDLT320 Tape Autoloader

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