DLT260 2.6GB Bare Internal DLT - End of Life Supplier

DLT260 2.6GB Bare Internal DLT - End of Life Supplier

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Refurbished DLT260 2.6GB Bare Internal DLT - End of Life Supplier
TK85 MSRS Factory Authorized
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Product Condition: Recertified

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Quantum has awarded MSRC the End of Life responsibility for the TK85 and the TK86 product families.    MSRC has all of the test and calibration equipment as well as a huge inventory of parts to manufacture and repair these drives for years to come. All drives that you receive from MSRC will be to Quantum's original manufacturing specifications. We offer many services including Advanced Exchange, Part Sales and Inventory Management. Please call a sales representative for more details.
Why buy from MSRC?
Founded in 1990, MSRC Co. is a leading independent distributor of computer and electronics components with headquarters in Brentwood, NH.  With over 17 years of service, our Storage Products Division is a leading provider of high quality, recertified mass storage devices such as tape drives, disk drives and related automation products. Our customers and partners are leading players in the computer products and services market.  They rely upon us for repair and order fullfillment services.

Unparalleled sales and service expertise in computer mass storage, combined with pivotal strategic relationships, has positioned MSRC as an industry leader for storage product quality and availability.  We are, for example, the only Quantum-authorized repair company in North America for a range of End-Of-Service-Life DLT tape products (i.e. DLT260 600 2000 2000XT).
There are very few companies who stock product today.  MSRC has thousands of recertified tape drives and hard drives in house at any time.  Why pay a broker to provide you with a part when you can buy directly from the source that the industry relies upon?

Our unique product and market experience in storage devices and systems continues to guarantee MSRC as the fastest and highest return channel for our storage asset recovery clients.
Get to know us.  Give us a a call!  Try a live chat!
TAPE SIZE : 5.25"

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